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We've cracked the code

Automating up to 98% of Cash Management

Banks and ERP's talking? Really?

Yes! Finally we’ve done it! Whatever your ERP, you can now enjoy unprecedented levels of Cash Application, AP and Bank Rec automation, functionality and control with Cashbook cash management solutions. Cashbook enables a seamless integration between banks and ERP’s, making straight through processing a reality.

Cashbook Cash Management Solution

Your EnterpriseResource PlanningSystem(s) Your Cash Management Solution External Data Feeds ERP U S e u 1 Data to and from Cashbook via:Email, PDF, Paper VENDORS Data to and from Cashbook via:Excel, EDI, PDF Remittances, Customer Portals, Fax, Email CUSTOMERS Data to and from Cashbook via: Lockbox, Drafts, Factoring, Direct Debit, Escheatment, Returns, Bank Statement, Check Files, ACH’s, Bacstel-IP, SEPA, RIBA, Wire Files BANKS Selects, reads, auto-matches, transmits, posts and stores data Data sharingbetween ERP & Cashbook

Enjoy new functionality and capabilities

With Cashbook cash management solutions your processes will become automated and streamlined. Complex cash management processes are simplified and your manual workload is reduced. The intelligence of the Cashbook solution will enable you to perform tasks which were previously impossible, like implementing a shared service centre regardless of the number of ERP’s involved.

It's simple. With Cashbook cash management solutions, you can do more with less. Scale more easily. Enjoy a stream of ongoing updates so your functionality and capabilities continue to advance.


Our automation technology whizzes through more than 150+ million transactions per annum, processing €60+ billion.
Tried, tested and loved by Fortune 1,000 companies, in more than 25 countries.

A solid, stable, proven technology which has been tried and tested in demanding environments for more than 20 years. Faster, more accurate work, opportunities to redeploy people to higher value roles, more transparent, tighter controls, greater clarity, greater accountability. A proven cash management solution.









Step out of the conversation – let technology do the work
Maximise automation

Achieving the highest levels of
AR, AP & Bank Rec automation
in the market today.

New capabilities

The capability and features to
empower your finance department
like never before, regardless of ERP.

Tighter control

A deeper, fuller, more accurate,
real time picture. Naturally
improved cash management.


Whatever your ERP, we’ll fire up its Cash Management engine.
Enjoy an incredible level of automation, functionality and control.

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