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Since 1992 we have been helping organisations who use BPCS to achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. Being a business partner with BPCS since 1994 and working with Infor’s Product Managers from 2010 ensures our product always stays current to the BPCS/LX system. Get the capability and features to empower your finance department like never before. Enjoy a deeper, fuller, more accurate, real time picture of your cash situation. Get your technology working harder and reallocate resources to higher value tasks.

Proven BPCS Solution

Cashbook is a proven, BPCS compatible solution, that’s easily tailored to your unique needs, relatively quick to implement, works globally, works with all major banks, supports 50+ languages and it is easy to use. A proven technology from a highly specialist provider that’s driving significant progress and value for Fortune 1000’s companies in 25+ countries.

Versions Supported

  • BPCS V2,
  • BPCS V4, v4.05, v4.17, v405CD,
  • BPCS V5,
  • BPCS V6.04, BPCS V6.1
  • BPCS V8, V8.1, V8.2,
  • ERP LX V8.3.1, V8.3.2, V8.3.3, V8.3.4, V8.3.5


Functionality & Files

  • Automated Cash Application:
    We replace ACR500 Cash and Memo Posting and ARP Advanced Remittance Processing.
  • Automated Accounts Payable
    We replace ACP600, ACP620, ACP650. Cashbook facilitates complete payment runs in BPCS and banking integration.
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation:
    Cashbook looks directly at GHH and GLH records and compares that data to bank statements uploaded to Cashbook.
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